Master Roshi Enters the Fray in DRAGON BALL FighterZ in September 2020

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Master Roshi, one of Dragon Ball’s most beloved and naughty characters will be joining the fray in DRAGON BALL FighterZ in September 2020. Having trained the likes of Goku, Gohan, Krillin, and Yamcha, Master Roshi will surely bring great martial arts skill and devasting power with him as he enters the battle in DRAGON BALL FighterZ.
For fans of DRAGON BALL Fighterz who have been eagerly awaiting news on its esports scene, we’re happy to share updates pertaining to how the DRAGON BALL FighterZ tournament season will progress. Details as follows:

  1. In September 2020, we will reveal the names of the competitors who will be invited to compete in the DRAGON BALL FighterZ National Championship regional tournaments.
  1. From October through November 2020, regional DRAGON BALL FighterZ National Championship tournaments will be held in France, Spain, Japan, and in the US West & US East where our contenders will compete for their chance to play in the DRAGON BALL FighterZ National Championship Finals.
  1. In December 2020, the winners from each of these regional championships will then compete to determine a DRAGON BALL FighterZ National Championship grand champion.
  1. All tournaments will be livestreamed on Twitch at: and on BANDAI NAMCO’s esports channel on YouTube at:

To check out Master Roshi in action in a new DRAGON BALL FighterZ trailer; head over to the following YouTube link (ready for embedding):
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