Genetics survival game Niche comes to Switch on the 3rd September


Indie team Stray Fawn Studio (Nimbatus) today announced that their genetic survival sim Niche will be coming to Nintendo Switch! It will release on the 3rd September and pre-orders with a 10% discount are available now. The initial Steam release was met with great player feedback and currently has over 2700 users reviews, ranking the game as “very positive”.
Niche is a colourful genetic survival game about selectively breeding and evolving an adorable species of creatures to keep them alive against all odds, such as hungry predators, climate change and sickness. Combining turn-based strategies with simulation and roguelike elements, the game provides tons of different approaches to survive in the harsh environment.
Stray Fawn Studio’s game designer Philomena Schwab always had a strong affinity for biology and even struggled for a time to decide whether she wanted to pursue that field or game design. As a result, she decided to create Niche, a game about population genetics with a mating system based on real gene science, featuring mutation, dominant/recessive/codominant heredity and much more.

With a genetics system based on real DNA, the PC version of the game is currently also free for teachers to use in classrooms and is used by over 300 biology teachers for their studies.
Nintendo Switch review codes are available via [email protected] for editorial outlets.
Game features:

  • Living, dynamic and vibrant world to test the player’s survival skills
  • A breeding system based on real genetics – Learn about the scientific mechanics of genetics while experimenting with the game
  • Featuring the five pillars of population genetics (genetic drift, genetic flow, mutation, natural selection, sexual selection).
  • Introduces the scientific mechanics of genetics as game mechanics to be learned through play (featuring dominant-recessive, co-dominant inheritance, etc)
  • Over 100 genes to shape species! Shape your own species using real animals DNA, yes, even a green cat-dog-fox-platypus if you wish!
  • Procedurally generated worlds and animals
  • Five biomes featuring different predators, prey and flora to explore
  • Roguelike elements – If the player’s species goes extinct, the game is lost and the cycle begins anew.

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