Crossout racing mode gets a huge overhaul

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Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment announce the release of Content Update 0.11.60 “Madness Circuit” for the post-apocalyptic vehicular online action game Crossout. Players are getting a vastly improved racing mode, a new unique armoured vehicle and a better control scheme on console versions.

While Crossout is all about crafting an armoured vehicle meant for battle and destroying others with guns and rockets, an extra racing mode presents a more peaceful way to compete with others. The update brings two unique maps designed specifically with racing in mind. The circuit “Rocky Track” is designed for fast cars capable of developing maximum speed and overtaking opponents in long straights. Success at “Industrial Track” will largely depend on the manoeuvrability of the vehicle and the ability to control the speed and squeeze into turns. There are more racing circuits in development that will be made available in future Crossout Content Updates.

While Racing mode is open for any custom-built armoured vehicles, players are able to purchase a premium “Adrenaline” DLC pack that includes a unique “Moby 935” armoured vehicle with the epic “MG13 Equalizer” machine gun, rare racing car components and other cosmetic items.

The “Madness Circuit” Content Update also brings numerous other new features, like destructible objects in garages, a selection of weather conditions in test drive and the new gamepad-optimized build mode controls for console versions.

The full list of changes is available at the official Crossout website.

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