Tactical turn-based Company of Crime arrives tomorrow!

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The time has finally come – Company of Crime releases tomorrow August 8th at 8am CEST on Steam, GOG and other digital platforms. Get ready to become the mastermind of a crime organization and make your way to the top of London’s underworld, or join the Scotland Yard’s famed Flying Squad and crack down on crime in this turn-based strategy title. Company of Crime is priced for 29,99 USD / 29,99 EUR / 24,99 GBP with a 10% launch discount during the first week.


London, 1960s – the city is fighting a crime wave like the country has never seen before. Organized crime is on the rise and that is your opportunity! Become a leader of a crime syndicate or become an Inspector of Scotland Yard’s famous Flying Squad in this turn-based strategy game with heavy focus on tactical melee combat. Build your crew, take over rival’s businesses and rule the city! 

Company of Crime is a hybrid of an empire builder and a tactical strategy game that features a turn-based combat system. You can either play as the Criminals or as the Police, where in each case you will have to build a team that consists of gang members possessing the different skills required to pull off criminal tasks, or detectives that have mastered the art of investigation.
Company of Crime is developed by Resistance Games and published by 1C Entertainment. For more information, be sure to check out the game on Steam and Twitter as well as 1C Entertainment.
Game information:

Platforms:         PC (Windows, MacOS)
Publisher:         1C Entertainment
Release Date:   August 8, 2020
Developer:        Resistance Games
Price:                $29.99 USD / 29,99 EUR

Published by 1C Entertainment:
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