Ian and Ellie try to have le best MINECRAFT build battle

Live Game streaming Minecraft

Ian and Ellie try to have le best MINECRAFT build battle... the keyword is trying, this started out as a great plan but the two kids were just having a very off day today though the Idea was entire all their plan.

Ian for some reason, in the end, decided to have a fit about the Spawn point and bed which has been a long-standing Minecraft issue for as long as I can remember Once you have a bed at location becomes your spawn point even if the bed is removed it must be placed in a new location to rest your spawn point. in my Craft, the world Spawn point will work for any and all players who enter and have no bed in place in the world

many players over time suggest that being a build to survive the game with all the travel Think the sleeping bag, the tent should count as a temporary Spawn point in the game that remains till the item is moved to a new location this way you will respawn at camp if you die while playing and can find your items make perfect sense to me.

I think Ian will be starting the Zoo which will require many precautions as something in my craft are very powerful Special Iron bars and glass cages will be required in some cases to keep things safe in the world for visitors.

Me I continue to learn not leaps and bounds but catching on fairly quickly, there is a lot of control and things to be mindful of and things to discover and memorize that make crafting far easier for one to play the game so you don't need to search formulas continually and I haven't even started that I am spending much of my training in creative mode building and such

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