A game developed during the lockdown to support the COVID-19 emergency

During the lockdown in Italy, Gianluca Pagliara (23 years old) challenged himself to use the available extra time to learn something new. He is a Data Science student at the University of Milano-Bicocca with a Computer Science bachelor’s degree at the University of Study of Bari. He is passionate about technology and software development, so he decided to learn game development. But he was also determined to play his part in the fight against COVID-19. For these reasons, he developed Invisible War – Defeat the Virus.

The game concept is to remember people how some practices can help to stop the spread of the viruses, in the game but also in real life.
The player is a doctor who has to sanitize every location (i.e., a hospital). He has various weapons and abilities to reach this goal. They are inspired by the guidelines to fight the spread of viruses. Soap, face masks or vaccine are some weapon examples. Some abilities are hands washing or face mask distribution to protect from enemies.

The game is a homage to the heroes of this emergency: the medical staff engaged on the front lines against the virus. But it is also a way to support the World Health Organization to fight the COVID-19.
Indeed, half of the proceeds will be donated to COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.

It usually takes a

The game is available on Play Store. It is free, with optional IAP and ads.


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