TEAM KIDS Playing ROBLOX Bee Swarm Simulator this day was insane

Live Game streaming ROBLOX

TEAM KIDS Playing ROBLOX Bee Swarm Simulator Keep your Shoes TIed and watch as we continue to level up and increase our hive wow TOoday was insane I could not believe all the Items and Honey Royal jelly and such I collected the member of bees I was able to buy Transform and level up in a little over an hour that was crazy.

we are all honestly enjoying Bee Swarm Simulator on ROblox you most like will see us doing more of that the veiws on thse streams and reqction are great as well so that incourage more of this game with out a doubt .

Roblox is not the only game we will be streaming soon we will be adding Minecraft as well not sure how many of the group we can get to join us in mine craft but me Ellie and IAn in the coming day will be Live on mine craft out plans for Roblox premium account and such are on hold for now due to other issues in life beyond our control. Roblox premium is a monthly subscription that will require a larger response and support from followers as we are just a family of 4 trying to do social distance gaming on a shoestring budget.

we reakky need to see more people supporting and wanting to be involved in our social gaming its all just for fun keeping us all busy during the virus the lockdown and not paying as much attention to social media insanity .

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