ZOMBIE GAMER Today were in ROBLOX GHOST Simulator we continue in the ghost world

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ZOMBIE GAMER Today were in ROBLOX GHOST Simulator we continue in the ghost world, we are really Enjoying Spirit world we only have 2 or 3 quests to get the new hoverboard hopefully we get a righteous hoverboard most all the Items I have won in the world has been of higher level.

Great Example today I did 3 more spins on Pet crate 4 that would my 5th spin and I got a godly contemplative pet that wild it cost me hundreds of millions to get a single godly in ghost simulator to complete a quest there.

this was a funt stream glad we did it my first thought was going to be Pirate simulator and changed my mind and choose ghost world even though I knew today would be mostly Traveling for particles furthermore the server was full competition was hot and heavy for everything.

the hoverboard Obby is going to be tough I may bring in a helper for that one also there is a quest to find pieces of a picture that will be tough though I have located one maybe 2 of the pieces questing the Islands already.

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