ZOMBIE GAMER ROBLOX Pirate Simulator Grind Already I haven't been logged in, the game 45 seconds I heard I'm already being raided this game is desperate for players I guess.

It usually takes a

This is craziness we were still in the Portextive bubble logging in to game first time in 2 days someone was right there on the Island and read it tore up everything then I was killed out of game when I returned they raided as I spawned this wenat on for a bit finally I just sailed to resource Island and proceeded to load my ship ignoring the raids.

They are truly pointless at that pointless you gain nothing from then I never rebuilt the ant thing and I just went about my business soon as my 4 year old daughter logged in the same player was there waiting for her and destroyed all her building and loot

I fear this game has hackers and Bots that are just waiting to attack any who join their game I did join there ROBLOX group posted there my concerns and such I have done about all I can do to get their attention but its becoming clear Explosive Entertainment Studio is a group that dont care or maybe running the hacks them self thinking it help but guess what it dose not they had shiny rateing and praise but it looks as if that has turned in to a load of player new and olddd who are now endlessly complaining the game is not good like it use to be.


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