Stitch Media’s colourful new title Terrorarium is launching tomorrow on Steam. Explore surreal space vegetation, protect your beloved Moogu spawn, and hurl them at enemies to their murderous – and hilarious – deaths.

>> watch the launch trailer << 

“The game had such a great reception during the Terrorarium Scholarship Contest, introducing the Gardener and her expendable Moogu that we poured our hearts into the new Story Campaign for the full release,” says Evan Jones, Founder of Stitch Media. “One of our contestants won the best prize of all which is a new job at our company making games!”

Terrorarium is an action-packed puzzle platformer about setting out to win the annual murder garden competition hosted by the Intergalactic Horrorcultural Society. Play as The Gardener, the beloved and perpetual-runner-up space granny, as she flaunts the rules with her genetically engineered ambulatory mushrooms aka Moogu in tow.

Then, head on over to Maker Mode to create, build, and play over 200 community-made murder gardens supported by Steam Workshop.

🍄 Maneuver through a 25+ level Story Campaign

🍄 Shepherd your herd of expendable Moogu and hurl them at enemies to solve puzzles

🍄 Craft your own handmade levels in Maker Mode

🍄 Share your creations in-game via Steam Workshop

🍄 Play and rate community-made murder gardens

Do what you must to win the blue ribbon and onward to victory!! 

Terrorarium is scheduled to release on Steam for Windows tomorrow, July 28, 2020.

About Stitch Media

Stitch Media is a games studio that tells stories with new technology. Our projects span web, mobile, games and VR and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our team produced games for over a decade with partners like Disney, Nickelodeon, NBC Universal & Warner Brothers and received awards such as UNESCO’s “Best in Electronic Culture” along with multiple Canadian Screen Awards. See our latest work at


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