I_dude Begins Delveloping a Idea for a Pirate Game by no mean a one person job

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I_dude Begins Developing an Idea for a Pirate Game by no mean a one person job.He has learned many things in this short time back in the ROBLOX Studio in a long time. One of them is saving work often as he lost all his work in a blink when there was a glitch with the Roblox studio.

It usually takes a

we have first started with a Prremade Roblox Theme they offer more than a few free to use if you want, pirate theme, the first thing all should know about this right off, ROBLOX studio is a great place to get a start, a fine educational tool for learning and all for one person But Developing a game is by no means a one man job at all.

Even the simplest of games can take a village to complete writers, graphic artist, animators, people to write music take care of Voices or narrations, if it not all original content you will need a boat load of money as well to pay royalties to others for their work., this is one of the reasons you see so many copycat type games on Roblox the work that goes into one of these games is endless and your whole team must not only work together but have the same vision as the developer its not just enough to be part of the team of writers or artist and such you all have to be working like minded sharing Ideas

A small team together for a first time kids or not to be honest is a receipt for in many cases a brawl mostly , it can also be a great learning experience in why team work is necessary in all things in life;

IAN has had some not nearly enough, but some Game coding experience, and he has made some attempts at plotting simple stories mind you he is only 10 years old, but he has some he has also been working with ROblox studio and playing ROblox and Mincraft since he was 4 like his sister now ellie who is just four now and learning by insisting on sitting and playing ROblox and other game with us on tablet and PC .

Both will be handy in Game Development Bother work with Block game design, though Roblx is far more flexible you can make a sign bloke any size and shape you like and you can change thereto to a glass like loo mirror or solid , make each block colidable or so it can be walked right through you can add scripts to make these block do nearly and action you would like them to from dane bend float bend, twist have Thrust and or Volcity so it could be like a motor of a car boat spaceship what ever.

The Imagination the Limit you could have anything from a city with Dancing skyscraper to the USS enterprise.

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