TEAM KIDS ROBLOX Pirate Simulator Saturday Grind

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TEAM KIDS ROBLOX Pirate Simulator Saturday Grind we are going to bring to get I_dude7 the bigger ship attacks be dammed., are people in this game really that desperate to play that they sit and wait for name to pop up as joining to kill them before they can even get settled in the game.

If you want the game to grow chill out fight the NPC pirates you know they you do get loot killing them off and get very good rank boost for fighting the NPC pirates. Please let new Teams and players build their flag and brand once we're settled you know and were not level, maybe not attacking a 2 level 4 years old yes BELLIE255 is 4 ROblox is her first gaming experience she is just learning how to use PC Mouse WASD controls and all and there was only 2 other people on the server both were killing and attacking her stealing her ship merclessly , and if people would just take time to read there chat they would have known we posted it in chat asking to chill several times.

It's not the first or third or even 4th time we have had this issue with Pirate simulator its happened since day 1 and its growing old fast also the merciless endless joins my island request chat with people, get to know them a bit you might make some great hardies (Friends) that is what make a game great the Socializing and RPG sharing laughs, maybe this game needs more then anything to its self games within game a true simulator add like texas holdem and other games and shop for producing cloth to make prirate clothes and distilleries to make rum that must be stored on shop to sail and used up as if its fuel people just need more to keep them selves busiy in the simulation iot not all killing at all

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