Zombie Gamer Pirate Simulator Fails on every level

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Zombie Gamer ROBLOX Pirate Simulator maybe today we can play without spawning killers and fools attacking for no Profit what kind of Pirate game is this, the Ok todays play was mostly building up cargo to upgrade I did that now have a frigate.

It usually takes a

However, we may not take this game much further, seems pointless Frist we can't continue our crew because we must restart it each time. Our member can't share the cargo we all build for the flag we could not upgrade Ians ship cause he can't share the cargo he spent his time helping the flag build that is BS and in my thinking this game fails as a real pro simulator game. Sorry Explosive Entertainment Studio even though the game is still beta its been around over 2 years and it fails on nearly every level and a true Pirate Game.

When someone join you on your Island this person should become a member of the island (Flag) and if they help fill the cargo holds all members should share in the Profits for upgrades and our ship should become the flags Fleet.

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