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TEAM KIDS ROBLOX Pirate Simulator THE CONTINUING SAGA well, sorry for the mess there the Game or Roblox not sure which was having some serious gloats that forced us to reset and leave the game many times before we started the stream and after,

Too bad too since we finally got a full crew and could have made some real progress in the game. What glitches well it started when I first logged in, the game first time assigned an Island that already had someone assigned to it

The second time I joined Took my ship to a resource island filled the island I was assigned no was given to someone else that joined the server and my ship vanished, I swam to the closest island summoned my ship and It Brough a ship to me that belong to someone else.Not mine,I logged out of the game waited a bit, then rejoined got all the others in crew with me and after I picked up resources I could not unload my ship or anything, no menu would come up I had to leave the game return get all the crew back only to Find once we all got on the island half the crew Could interact with anything not the cannons or unnload ships nothing just before we left the game my ship was sunk by our own cannon which should not happen ever crew as far as our experance in all the times we have played can not attacck crew .

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