TEAM KIDS ROBLOX Pirate Simulator who is the insane goof that haunted us our stream

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TEAM KIDS ROBLOX Pirate Simulator we are moving up we had some good game play last night leveled up quiet a bit thing slowly making more sense thanks to some late night slow server time.

It usually takes a

Who was the Crazy pirate that just would not give up kept sending join request endlessly, we did Kindly invite him to join us but after a while however we were nearly Instantly Raided? After the raid was over we tried to rebuild, but this guy kept interfering and taking things down more after a bit we gave up and kicked him from out crew Island Whatever.

He spent the rest of our play, which went on nearly 3 hour haunting us to join him and attacking our Island trying to steal our Ships whatever he could, we finally decided to leave as TEAM KIDS Ellie as well would no longer cooperate and refused to fix her glitches dingy

We are going to work on building the rank and investors to build a tougher force all things in good time one thing we did notice about this guy is he is a spawn killer I rest several times to have him standing at the spawn point and just recoil each time I would lose more Rank I had earned were usually pretty easy going but if the habbits continue he will be reported not for playing the game or ataacking but Spawn killing is unacceptable no matter what the game.

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