ZOMBIE GAMER Pirate Simulator! ROBLOX more questions and doubts than anything

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ZOMBIE GAMER Pirate Simulator! ROBLOX Just Learning the Conttrols Interesting, we are just learning how this works we play for a few minutes yesterday got our DIngy stuck twice go figure.

This Game ROBLOX Pirate Simulator is going to take a lot of work to understand how it works because the Island I have id not the fort all the videos I watch for how to are I have to do something other than build the.

I'm going to work at this game a little more, but it looks like just a club for a closed group just trashing everyone just starting for shits and giggles before you can have your Island and loot trashed over and over it would be nice if they helped learn what it take to build defense rather than getting your not a high enough level to do this notice on everything you do try to competely maybe also having a resources Island that is shared resources for all to would help pretty hard to get past step one when every time you log in the game for a week or so all that happens is from the start your killed and the Island trashed

Like I said I will try for a bit more, but at this time I have my doubts as to this being a legitimate game on Roblox worthy of daily play that can be done or freely earn your way up Pirate game or not even pirates had and have standards they don't go against

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