ZOMBIE GAMER Stuck in ROBLOX Ghost Simulator what Problem, SO far we have been through over a Trillion GEMs in a few days Still no Godly Pet uncrated to compete this question what is this game major malfunction.

I'm not sure if its a game glitch or just a slap in the face to people who have continually played the game through every detail and quest for several weeks mor then a month we have played stream promoted and had great fun now just comes to a screeching halt with no where and no direction .

I said this in the stream it bares repeating the better goal and achievement for this game that would keep the flow going would be a quest to level an uncrated pet to godly , that can be achieved in a few days to a month depending how often one plays so long as they keep the pet out the whole time sure many dont even realize the pets level and each serves it own purpose in helping in the game.

I would love to be able to keep streaming and Playing this one daily on our channel but being stuck really makes this impossible sad because there a a whole other hub to be opened and a game update II still haven't fully explored in my thinking for the most part this is a kids game Roulette is gambling addiction not really the stuff a childhood should be built around even ina game ?? even as a developers of ROBLOX Ghost SImulator if your a teen or older you could probably say without hesitation its not an addiction or habit you would want your son or daughters have .

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