Leading interactive entertainment publisher and developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. has officially launched TALES OF CRESTORIA, the latest installment of the critically acclaimed TALES OF franchise, on iOS and Android devices. Featuring a unique, dramatic storyline where “sinners” are condemned by popular vote, the brand-new turn-based TALES OF RPG is available now as a free download via the App Store and Google Play

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TALES OF CRESTORIA invites both new fans of JRPGs (Japanese role-playing games) and fans of the TALES OF franchise to experience the gorgeous world of Crestoria, which is populated by a vibrant cast of brand-new characters. Additionally, returning fan-favorites from previous TALES OF titles will also appear as residents of the world of Crestoria. To the citizens of this aesthetically beautiful land lies a truly dystopian society, where every single action is observed by the relentless gaze of all-seeing “Vision Orbs.” For protagonist Kanata, the Vision Orbs’ justice is absolute—until one fateful night he and Misella, an orphan girl living in his father’s religious house, committed a sin and are labeled “Transgressors” by their fellow citizens, and “enforcers” are dispatched to punish them. With their worldview shattered, they meet the notorious Vicious, a man known worldwide as “The Great Transgressor.” He offers them a narrative-driving choice: “Own your sin, or let it own you.”

In TALES OF CRESTORIA, protagonist Kanata fights to defy fate in fast-paced, high-intensity turn-based battles, where stunning, smoothly animated techniques can be unleashed with a single button press; moreover, flamboyantly powerful “Mystic Artes” are also available as special abilities. TALES OF CRESTORIA features extensive customization options—both in terms of cosmetics and strength progression—and allows players to create their very own dream teams made up of beloved characters from TALES OF serieslore.

To celebrate the launch of TALES OF CRESTORIA, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. will be hosting a special in-game campaign, wherein all new players will receive 20 free summons and be able to choose one SSR/SR character from previous TALES OF titles upon initial installation (from a specific lineup of characters). Plus, as a result of Twitter campaign, all new players will receive several Enhancement materials and Attachments after finished tutorial until August 30th 11:59(PST).

For the additional news and updates on TALES OF CRESTORIA, please visit the game’s official website, and follow the game’s official Facebook pageTwitter page and Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/to_crestoria/


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