TEAM KIDS IAN plays Roblox PIGGY Build Follow Happy Wheels Break

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TEAM KIDS IAN plays Roblox PIGGY Build Follow Happy Wheels Break Ian woke up with the outline for part of a Piggy mp decided to build a test version.

This Piggy Builds map section wasn't bad dor not only a first draft but first attempt at a piggy map, this build presents a load of challenges in and of its own I think it was more than worth the risk for this group to consider adding to the game.

the Map you seem was about an hors work just from Ideas he had overthe last day or so no advanced drawing or plans of any type were made in my thoughts his Rooms could use more space I didnt play but I waych on 2 different lap tops different screen sizes and fun to play but it gave you a sense of being boxed in .

when they were done they Jumpwed into the Jaws of Happy wheels death machine for a break nothing will give you a mental break like testing your hand at survival in games where courses are all built guaranteed to kill your play.

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