Portal Games announces retail of the highly anticipated expansion to Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire by Joanna Kijanka. The expansion introduces a brand new game mode: the Open World campaign, where players strive to quickly go through all the Eras, from Ancient to Modern. Selling in retail starts today on our US store and in good board game stores in Europe.

Playing in the Open World means that you don’t always have to play with the same group of players; moreover, your Empires can be located in different Eras during the game. Playing in the Open World is just like history: new empires rose and developed through ages, while the others were already thriving.

The campaign introduces new cards representing newly settled Provinces, new Inventions, and Quests that provide growth. Players’ Empires develop militarily, economically, and culturally. Players move on the Progress tracks on their Sheets. Achieving certain Progress level unlocks bonuses, and Victory Points indicate the number of Knowledge points, which can be traded for Invention cards after every game – if players can’t do it, they lose. Inventions represent the progress of the Empire in different fields and provide additional Features.
 Summer break in Portal Games

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Please remember that Polish and European stores are not operating currently (American is open unchanged). The company is closed between July 20th and August 2nd. You can find Rise of the Empire in the best board game stores.


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