Nintendo Switch Mystery Adventure Game Hotel Sowls is Available for Pre-purchase!

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 A strange tale taking place in an eerie hotel
- Pre-purchase begins on Thursday, July 16 with 10% off the price
- Official launch trailer revealed!

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Starting today (July 16), the console game publisher CFK begins the pre-purchase of the Nintendo Switch Mystery Adventure game Hotel Sowls on Nintendo eShop.

Hotel Sowls' gameplay experience is like no other adventure games, featuring surreal graphics, dreamlike soundtrack, cute characters and bizzare atmosphere.

● PROLOGUE :  ~A Quest to Take Back the Precious Stone~

You are an aspiring pharmacologist looking for success. One day, you had the luck to obtain a mysterious stone found in the town of Sowls. Money and fame will be on your side once you develop a new medicine using the stone. With your head full of happy thoughts, you decide to take a break at a local hotel named "Hotel Sowls".

......But next day, you find out your precious stone disappeared! Upon discovering that your room became a mess, you realize a thief has broken into your room. Now you must search every corner of the hotel for your precious stone.

Who is the thief? Can you take back your lost stone?

 Enjoy Your Stay at Hotel Sowls!

Hotel Sowls has the ambience of a dreamland. Exploring the hotel, players will look for and gather any hints related to the stone's whereabouts.

Every person-staff and guests alike-is unique and distinct in character. In addition, seeing non-living objects like food react to your talk adds to the surrealism of the game.

Players can choose what to ask to the people they meet, and will take note of the people's reactions in the journal. Using the information gathered, players must track down the lost stone one step at a time.

Players have only 5 days to find the stone, because they will be checked out of the hotel after 5 days. The choices players make during the stay affect the ending, as there are various possibilities in the game.

The bizarre and surreal world of Hotel Sowls can be explored worldwide on Thursday, July 30 through Nintendo eShops. Pre-purchase begins as of today (Thursday, July 16) and the game can be purchased 10% off the price during the pre-purchase period.

● Official Launch Trailer

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