Ian jumps the wall ROBLOX trying to get practice for the golden wall!

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

Ian jumps the wall ROBLOX trying to get practice for the golden wall!. this gameplay Requires getting a large group on the server at the same time to get through, we have heard of some going it alone but the walls get so high we question how you could do it without 2 or 3 others to stand on.

Ian also did some time in Pizza Factory Tycoon his Alien pizza factory he has a UFO Pizza delivery transport, which many in the game found interesting and apparently never seen before at first others spent time trying to make off with the UFO he had to refresh it several times.

we truly look for your responses to our LIVE streams if you would like to see more of either game let us know. we know people are out there we have had all kinds of views likes and few comments in the last days and many more over the years

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