ZOMBIE GAMER ROBLOX Ghost Simulator Questing in the VOLCANO yes after several hours and thanks to Multiple streams Technology we made the Trillion coin Necessary to Purchase the Croma pack and Funnel to continue forward.

It usually takes a

wow, what a crazy run that was had IAN and Ellie with me Discord Chat had a bit of lag giving Ellie an Echo now and then but it at the time seemed to fit right in what we were doing Ian took over my play for a bit to give him an Idea how all the tech makes the game flow so much smoother then the noob account he set up and was playing.

Shouldn't be too long till we get the new hoverboard and Godly Pet that I'm sure will help us even more not sure where in the game we are going or what the hub on the other side of the portal will bring I just know it seems our pack and antenna tech don't work there at least not yet.

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