A new game, Nature Calls, is available today for all players in Fortnite Creative.  Nature Calls was developed by Stray Kite Studios and is featured in Creative’s matchmaking test area. 

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How the game works:

Gremlins have taken over the campgrounds and stolen all of the campers’ toilet paper. Campers must sneak around the campgrounds and reclaim the stolen toilet paper while fending off the ever-growing horde of shapeshifting Gremlins. They must get the TP back before “nature calls.” Gremlins are weak but can use the Prop-O-Matic to disguise themselves as any prop in the game, hiding and ready to pick off stray Campers. Campers must be careful: if a Gremlin eliminates you, you become a Gremlin too. The Gremlins’ side can grow in numbers, but Campers can get stronger by upgrading their arsenal in the lodge to fight back. Going Number 2 has never been more terrifying!

Creative mode in Fortnite was added to the game early last year and gives players the ability to create their own custom games. The mode has tools that allow users to customize their games, then share them with the Fortnite community.  Stray Kite Studios has previously created other featured games inside of Fortnite Creative including Prop Hunt, Prop Heist, and License to Eliminate. 

The new Nature Calls island supports 6-12 players using the code 7736-7171-3822.  Nature Calls will be available through the Matchmaking Test from 7/14/2020 to 7/21/2020.

There are two ways to play:
First, you can play with other Fortnite players from 7/14/2020 to 7/21/2020 through Fortnite’s Matchmaking Test. Start a Creative server in Fortnite, find the Matchmaking Test area, and then interact with the Nature Calls portal to join the matchmaking queue.

Second, you can join the game directly with friends. Start a Creative server in Fortnite, find a featured island rift, and then interact with the rift console and enter the island code 7736-7171-3822.


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