TEAM KIDS playing Roblox Ghost simulator we made the leap of Faith

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

TEAM KIDS playing Roblox Ghost simulator we made the leap through the ring off that cliff still can't BELIEVE IT now we continue, wow that was wild we finally did get all the Pearls and Parts to upgrade our antenna maybe this weekend since all are away should be a grind fir coins ti upgrade mt pack for this last level and the Ice castle or whatever I haven't found that yet but there was a hint of it at the competition of finely last quest for me.

don't forget TEAM KIDS will Be back Next week we have a load of stuff up and coming we should have our ROBLOX subscription going A Roblox group coming and Merch in the ROBLOX STORE for all to purchase team Kid Gear SHirt and such sue rags and More.

we are going to be doing work on Build map Piggy and a Game as well time in Roblox Studio maybe we all can share a few tips and help about things in Roblox Studio.

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