Modest Hero coming to Steam on July 14, Bastille day

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“Modest Hero” is a game about the last journey of a modest man. Captured by the soldiers and dragged to the end waiting for him, Victor realizes that he is living the final moments of his life and remembers how he fell to that situation.

In Victor’s memories, a man named Alexandre appears. He was the one who encouraged and guided Victor in the uprisings that began in Paris in 1830. Victor and Alexandre testify to the fire and violence of social events and early class conflicts in 19th century France in those days.

The 2D action-adventure genre game begins in June 1848 in the streets of a gloomy city after a fierce civil war. In Paris. While Victor and his six captive friends are going to the place where they stand trial, they are carrying grief, anger, and a little bit of hope.


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