Fuzz Force adds his pet dog as a playable character in Spook Squad.

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Fuzz Force reveals today that the next character to join the Spook Squad is Dotty the dog, the developers own pet. She had a large paw in inspiring the theme of cute animals fighting ghosts and deserves to be included. A good girl in her own right, she is the attack force of the team, alongside electronics expert Finn the Fox, in their mission to stop the Polterprince.

Planned release date Q4 2020

Fuzz Force: Spook Squad is a fresh take on the roguelite deckbuilder by swapping the cards for dice. The use of dice allows more players to get into the roguelite genre and takes the stress out of deckbuilding. Play as a team of ghost hunting animals, explore a tabletop inspired world, customise a deck of dice to power your battle skills and fight your way to the top of the Tower.

Sling some dice yourself in the free demo which is currently available on itch.io at https://fuzzforce.itch.io/fuzz-force-spook-squad. Play through a training mission as Finn the Fox to get to grips with the game, then explore the Forest level before taking on the fearsome Ghost Bear. All feedback is useful feedback at this stage.

Alan began work on Fuzz Force:Spook Squad in December 2019 after beginning to learn programming. He’s trained as an 3d artist but wanted to bring his creations to life instead of leaving it to somebody else. Fuzz Force: Spook is his first game as a solo developer. Follow his journey at www.twitter.com/fuzzforce

Press Kit: I have a presskit on my website with game screenshots, logos and a trailer https://www.fuzz-force.com/press-kit

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