TEAM KIDS Thursday ELLIE and KADON playing adopt me ROBLOX

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TEAM KIDS ELLIE and KADON playing adopt me ROBLOX , wow What a crazy crew and I thought my family was busy crazy Ellie has been plying adopt me pretty regular for a bit she is 4 and seems to have adapted to the addition thing anyhow

Ellie will be away for the weekend starting tomorrow not sure there will be ti to play before she leaves or not depends I guess I don't have all the detail of things just yet I know their is things to be done before all leave .

I will be hanging out on my own here and be holing up things on this en on Monday the team all returns including I_dude7 hope we will be able to start getting things ore on the faster track at that time it will be busy the rest of the month for sure and if were lucky just a bit cooler thing have been Broiler hot here in Canada we are just cooking with these record Breaking temperatures this summer each year just seems to get hotter and hotter each year.

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