Grand Opening of JOYCITY’s Hero Ball Z

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JOYCITY announces the global launch of Hero Ball Z, a hero-collecting idle RPG shooter featuring iconic characters from Game of Dice. The game showcases beautiful battle stages and unworldly epic bosses for your roster of cute anime-style heroes to fight against.

The game supports a total of 10 languages including English, Korean, and Japanese. There is a total of 28 different leading characters available currently. These elites are obtained by merging other non-elite heroes during battle. In this game, you will summon, collect, farm, level-up, and shoot your way through uninvited creatures from beyond the galaxy.

Each elite hero you obtain has their own distinct design and back story. You’ll be able to meet a variety of characters, such as Stella, a girl who lives a double life as a laid-back schoolgirl and superhero, and Len, a mysterious cat who fights alongside mankind – to name a few.

There are various celebratory launch events in store such as a special daily check-in that rewards players with SR and SSR tier heroes. Staying logged in will also reward you with shiny in-game currency to strengthen your roster – GOLD! The game’s idle feature allows you to work and play conveniently. If you’re busy, simply AFK from the game and let your heroes grind. By the time you log back in, there will be plenty of new content and unlocked features to explore.

Hero Ball Z is now available worldwide on Google Play and the App Store. Also, make sure to head over to the official website for character profiles, comics, story chapter videos, and more.

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