TEAM KIDS Ghost Simulator Starting to Wonder if there is any Magnet Technology

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TEAM KIDS Ghost Simulator Starting to Wonder if there is any Magnet Technology, we were thinking we were Finished and would be getting the Magnet only to be told only 5 Most tasks to finish well now we have 2.

we left the game for a bit because one of the Ghost we Needed to Collect was Spawning in the game anywhere, I am not sure what causes different ghosts to spawn however as hard as it is to play when the server has many players all the ghost seen to spawn more often so I will give it all a shot later on.

if you read the article I posted overnight about what's happening this Summer just a reminder to keep Watching team Kids as we will be able to design Cloths and More Soon and get our Group started.

we are not out to make money on anything but if we managed to somehow pay for the Subscription to Roblox no one would complain at all I'm sure. there is a lot coming soon and I am pinning a lot of it on the kids who are all mostly away for the holiday still this week.

we only have a couple of weeks to get all this set before school starts again one way or the other depending on the Virus it will start at home or ppart time what ever had not been decided yet at this time Canada is still moving well holding things Steady.

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