What’s Happening This Summer With TEAM KIDS (Time for a Cool Change)

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

Fandom Fare Kids - There IS a lot to Look forward to this Summer with Team Kids on Fandom Fare Kids, Loads of Great gaming, and Video's The return of out Live Streams as we Are Expecting the Part for our Laptop any Day.


he has been not only playing ROBLOX for while Regularly since he was 5 but working on a Full ROBLOX game as well still mot working complete but he continues to learn more and more.

I hope he is up for a challenge I am putting him in charge of this pack and gaming and Videos I am going to continue live Streams But maybe not as daily as I was I want to get into ore recorded edited gameplay we will attempt to record from several perspectives to try and pull a more visual; the gameplay in our videos.

as such we may not always have a daily Video as editing many segments is way more time consuming than just recording 0 to 30 minutes of gameplay and uploading it as we have been/

Account and we will be working on Team Kids Shirts had and DUE rags and such and you may find a line in the catalog available once out account is up and going we will be Building a ROBLOX TEAM KIDS Group now we need the subscription to Roblox to build the group but all may Join a group no subscription Required.

once we have the premium account we will have some advantage in Roblox Studio too and perhaps we can get I_DUDE7;s Hello Neighbor game up and in working order that would be a blast for the team to play in a game they have a small part in setting off the ground. it a small step but some times the little steps can lead to the big leaps.

its taking Moths to pull this together as far as we have come and I know to some it seems like silliness, but this group and gaming is what has not only helped in ways keep us all connected the last 4 months in this pandemic but in ways kept us sane as well.

For most of the kids this has only been happening since March for me I started all of this in 2016 me and my son I_DUDE7 we started FANDOMFARE.COM , FANDOMFARE GAMING FACEBOOK Page , the MTGA PLAINWALKERS Facebook Group and also on REDIT and Discord FANDOM fare is also On Twitch TV ON YOUTUBE we are FANDOM FARE KIDS.

we generally are not only about Gaming we also have a VLOG we were Following Local TOY cons Free Comic BOOK day, MTG open house and such But this tear COVID has made that all but disappear in a blink.


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