TEAM KIDS Playing GHOST SIMULATOR ROBLOX so close 750 gems till we get the magnet tech, we are so close but are old laptop just couldn't handle the Excitement without a defrag and reboot

It usually takes a

Here is a Little Lesson for you ROBLOX players out there using older laptops with only 4 GB of ram, the disconnect issue and glitching in-game most of it is the device, not ROBLOX if you Defrag you old Laptop Daily Before you start playing it will run way better

ROBLOX is a game that is Dependent heavily on Loads of Images and Caching, and your laptop being short on memory is dependent heavily on using the hard drive for virtual memory after running A ROBLOX game once or twice for a few hours the old hard drive can get up to 20% fragmented and it slows not only gameplay and loading but Internet speed is dependent on ram to the more ram a computer has the faster the internet you pay for can go.

it won't be long before these older machines will no longer work for anything but maybe web surfing but for now, so long as you keep the Hard drive near empty and defrag daily you can still get use out of them for games like ROBLOX,

Keep in mind everything this Day gear more toward 15 to GB of ram this day including Chromebook which in a few days will update all Chromebook that can Run Android 10 apps to a 64 Bit OS which means they to will be able to use 16 to 32 GB of memory.

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