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Exciting news from the trenches of exhilarating KARDS warfare!
Large-scale reinforcements have arrived with Theaters of War on June 30th, adding massive single-player content to KARDS. 

This is the time to test your skills and to engage in some of the most iconic WW2 battles.
Here are the highlights of Theaters of War:
✮ Five complete single-player campaigns, one for each major nation
✮ Each campaign has five historically inspired scenarios
✮ Three different strategies to play through each campaign
✮ Five new Headquarters and boards that can be used in PVP
✮ 105 cards including 10 Elite cards
The first scenario of the German campaign (hint: El-Alamein) is completely free to play. Check it out right away!

KARDS five main nations – Britain, Germany, Japan, USA, and the Soviet Union – each receive their own unique campaign.
The Tunisian Campaign, El Alamein, Fall of the Philippines, Guadalcanal, and the Battle of Moscow are some of the most iconic battles of the Second World War, and now you can recreate them in KARDS!

Each campaign offers three different strategies to achieve operational success and can vastly change your approach to victory.
As you progress through the campaign, you will upgrade your units to better tackle what is to come and provide multiple different paths to success.
Theaters of War brings new playable cards. As you progress, you unlock the new cards until you have the complete set, getting a total of 21 cards per nation (or 105 for all 5 nations).

Each campaign comes with a unique headquarter (HQ) that provides a new and unique board setting.

Get your troops ready , join Theaters of War now now, and test your skills!

now, and test your skills!

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