Today TEAM KIDS Explores ROBLOX Magic Sim By Bumbly

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Today TEAM KIDS Explores ROBLOX Magic Sim By Bumbly, Yes that Right not only a Quick Ewad on this game we took an Inside look and Explored it on the surface there is a lot this game more then meets the eyes we barely Scratched the Surface.

This game has loads of popularity and players to keep it interesting the more you play and uses your WAND the more coins you collect the higher you Lever more powerful tool can be bought as you collect you also earn buy seeling earn magic power each time you Reach 100 my test showed by I was playing as nothing more than a noob.

the game offers codes for free Items coin diamonds and such used in the game I'm sure this helps keep thing interesting

List of the valid Magic Simulator codes

  • Wicked – You would get 250 coins in this code and you can redeem it.
  • Roblerom – here, you will get around 250 coins for redeeming it.
  • Diamonds – This code gives around 200 gems or even the diamonds after you redeem this code.
  • Magician – With this code one gets 250 coins where you get to redeem them
  • Flame – Here you get 200 coins when you start redeeming this promo code.
  • Powerful – In this code about 200 coins as soon as you redeem the promo code.
  • Fireball – Here you will get 100 gems or even the diamonds. You get this when you redeem the promo code.
  • Gamingdan – with this code you will be able to get around 200 gems or the diamonds code you redeem this code.

Just click the Code button when in-game and type in the word for each and the rewards will be added to your account Magic Simulator looks like on that could be hours of fun weekly I know we were there and time just got away from us as we explored even as our equipment kept give us a few issues as we played.

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