TEAM KIDS Playing Ghost SimulatorROBLOX Magnet quest

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

TEAM KIDS Playing Ghost Simulator getting close to completing the magnet quest Hey all its July 4th much of team kids are off celebrating the Holiday and so I am going to bring you a short video for now.

I tried a little Earlier to do a live stream on Facebook that again isn't go well still working on this issue and hoping against hope we get the right part for that gaming laptop in the next days and get this group back on track.

today we haven mainly doing a lot of background work and posting little computer patience to keep things running as smooth as we can try to get another video in later but there is only so much time ina day. we are Really Enjoying Ghost Simulator Roblox we are working hard to get this summer update finished before a new update with a bunch of new challenges and changes come out we are also working to find our next game to Spotlight on ROBLOX

ROBLOX is always working to keep things fresh, in the upcoming days we are hoping Fandom fare Kids can Bring you Lots more action and Excitement in out gaming.

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