Quintus and the Absent Truth

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Wreck Tangle Games has today released the first chapter of ‘Quintus and the Absent Truth’, the Horror-Adventure game that follows a Man and his Mouse.

In this first chapter we join Alan Shaw and Quintus as they try to find Alan’s Daughter, Lydia. It’s Lydia’s birthday but she is nowhere to be found, can they find her before she finds them? The first chapter is a short introduction into how the relationship works between Alan and Quintus, as this is no lonely Horror game, Quintus can help with puzzles and get to areas that no grown man can reach. Quintus is also the provider of Objectives, Tips and just to help keep you company when things get scary.

The art style of ‘QATAT’ is light on the eyes with slightly cell shaded colors and a drawn outline on all objects to make them stand out. This outline also stays on when the lights are off to reveal a unique view of the World.

Chapter One: Forgotten – is free to play now on GameJolt and Itch.io

GameJolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/quintus/512495

Itch.io: https://wrecktanglegames.itch.io/quintus

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