TEAM KIDS playing ROBLOX Ghost simulator Opening Area 51

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

TEAM KIDS playing ROBLOX Ghost simulator Opening Area 51 wow a live stream it has been nearly 2 months no we don't have our gaming laptop died just yet the fane should be in soon, We will <ost likely be Working on Issues more over the day to get the audio Issues worked out and the Mutiwing on Ghost SImulator

sorry for the poor Audio we weren't using our headset and this I an older laptop, not a great mic . were working on it also FacebooKs system keeps muting my Roblox video for copyright claims all we have is the game music and Roblox pays fr the RIghts so there should be no issues,

they don't mute anything one my uploaded videos and even more, Youtube is not putting Copyright claim on Ghost simulator anyhow than for watching we are working on getting better but our lives may all be on Youtube if the muting here continues.

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