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FANDOM FARE KIDS - TEAM KIDS PLAYING ROBLOX Wonder Women QUESTING, well ok we sort of played Wonder Women on ROBLOX today not sure if We are having Net issues or if Roblox is but we Kept getting disconnected from this game.

we will need to find NPCs to get more quests in the Wonder Women Event, the One thing we did leave behind was finding the forge to open that portal I would imagine postal to and from the Armory I found the Armory but I did know the was a quest in there I didn't stay and Explore I moved on trying hard to get things complete while the game was connected.

I don't think all the Issues were one this end I think ROBLOX but tonight I will resync and reset all the internet just to be sure we were not doing or running any more than normal in fact we were run less network devices there was only 2 of us here today.

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