TEAM KIDS Playing ROBLOX Ghost SImulator Observation

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TEAM KIDS Playing ROBLOX Ghost SImulator, Ok we really didn't ake this as a quest Video we did this video to point out what we see as a glaring problem with the game we found with a quest we got from Dylan the Pet trainer, there is one quest that is hugely unfair.

in his list of the quest, there is a ton of quest to open pet crates, one asked you to open at least 2 Crate and get 2 rare of better we discovered we opened up a huge amount of crates costing over 150K in Gems to get just one pet that was required and what worse we had to delete half of the per we bought the inventory is limited.

Now granted the gems are obtained free by playing the game however if you purchase you should nor be required to delete or rid your self of what you paid for to get more. now I am not talking about 1 Isolated situation where this happened as a group Team Kids has more near a dozen player and accounts that at anyone time play on Roblox and play Ghost Simulator were talking over million gems to open these crates to get some pet it pretty unlikely by odds one will actually get and as a group to be honest after deleting half of the crates and pets open we have little to nothing to show for this effort not even the completed quest so our question here is What Gives ? are these pet really that rare and valuable? and to be honest I only ask because after all that we found players mere newbies actually offering to trade these rare pets for the likes of hoverboard skins that we seem to be able to get by the tons each time we open a crate for them.

in any case, this might be something Developers want to look into to the next update the odds on these pet crates are a bit harshly slanted if you're going to limit how much can be kept in inventory.

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