Terminal Squad: Swarmites – the second game from the Terminal Squad series

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tower defence, strategy

Game features:

  • Base as an integral unit.
  • Fight against an endless flow of enemies by construction of a chain of buildings.
  • Random level modifiers strengthen an enemy.
  • Deploy your skills and investigations in the right moment in order to gain a tactical superiority.
  • Adjust an energy flow to the buildings by connecting and disconnecting them for acceleration or slowing down of production rate or protection at a definite chain section.

Terminal Squad: Swarmites is a game with an indirect control, in which your objective is construction of a chain of buildings that produce the resources for construction or the combat units for destruction of an enemy. A key to the victory lies in an accurate order of actions and the observation of a balance between the production of combat, defensive and manufacturing buildings.
Story line:
Your research platform has received the data for investigation from the centre. Upon completion of several tests the connection to the centre disrupted and the tubercles with the creatures, resembling those mentioned in the data received from the centre, started appearing along the perimeter.

Although the game may last endlessly, the principle objective is the completion of level 25 with the Boss in it. The shape of levels is generated at random, while the number of platforms and the number of enemy bases gradually increase.

Each enemy building emits an endless number of enemy units until its destruction. We must destroy all buildings of an enemy at the level. In the course of time the enemy buildings will call in the reinforcements. That’s why we’d better destroy the closest bases as fast as possible.

Our base is shaped in the form of a chain. An energy, produced by the main building and the connectors is shared between all buildings within the chain. The buildings which produce the resources and the soldiers deploy energy by the manufacture, that’s why a key to the victory lies in search of a balance between the consumed and emitted energy. Extension of a chain after construction of a turret is impossible.

The principle “build it all anywhere you can” is not always the best one, therefore the player must understand that the proper result in the current situation might require the sale or the disconnection of a chain section in order to redistribute the energy to the necessary sector.

Connector has the largest range of construction and thus delivers an optimal variant for “overstepping” towards the next platform, bypassing the bridges.

Besides, each type of a definite building becomes more expensive with every new construction, which constrains us to consider the future sales and disconnections.

An enemy will try to send the new squads aggressively in order to fight off an attack. So if it seems that you bang against the wall then the chain that you had laid operates inefficiently under the present circumstances and the best option would be an exchange of a chain structure, an order of buildings, the sale of the dragging of remote buildings closer to the action scene, or vice versa- somewhat farther in order to establish an effect of “inflow” of soldiers.

An order of buildings works differently on different maps – a stonewall-defence might work at the road junctions and the crossings worst than in other cases. By swift estimation of initial conditions and the guessing of eventual locations of enemy bases you can select a better initial tactics, such as a fast production of numerous units.

Chain properties:

  • Entire energy flows to the buildings along the wires only from the main base.
  • Entire emitted energy is shared between all building equally (with the exception of connectors and the buildings under construction).
  • By increased energy growth through for example the building of connector or deployment of a skill the energy loads increase either.
  • The chain may be laid from the buildings under construction too; however the energy loads will not be delivered through it.
  • The buildings, connected to the building under construction, will not operate if this connection constitutes their single chain entry.
  • Apart from the growth of a cost of construction of each building of the same type, the time of its erection expands either.
  • The turret receives the load of munitions instead of energy. By full stock of munitions and outside of a combat scene the turret seizes the consumption of energy.
  • The chain cannot be extended after construction of a turret.
  • Certain buildings explode by destruction (or a sale), thus eliminating an enemy.
  • The buildings under construction cannot be repaired.
  • The range of construction of a building is at the same time its range of vision.
  • The player cannot erect buildings too close to existing constructions or to the edge of a platform.
  • Although the platform appears to be divided in squares, the buildings must not be built in the centre.

The tiny enemy constructions within the map do not produce units, but leave behind a point, on which the erected connectors and warehouses would operate with a doubled efficiency. Besides, in case of victory each captured point provides the bonus coins to be spent on the roulette at the global map.

Global map:

To start the mission we shall require at least two actions-selecting the level type out of the following options:

  • Enhanced initial recourses.
  • Extra-coins for victory.

The number of available coins is depicted directly on the launch-button of roulette. We may spend these coins to improve the skills (right lower corner-find out the price and the description by pointing the mouse to the icons and deploy the skills in the future battles), or to buy the “Reroll-modifiers” at this mission in order to avoid particularly negative combinations of modifiers or to receive additional coins. The chance (and the price) of getting a coin in one of the slots rise every time when we spin the handle without starting the mission.
Level modifiers:

  • Additional improving point by the victory.
  • Enemies accelerate the speed by approaching the soldiers.
  • Additional enemy emerges by construction.
  • Enemies explode when dying, causing 25% of health to the enemies around them
  • Enemy may split in two when dying.
  • Additional enemies emerge by destruction of enemy building.
  • Additional enemies emerge by activation of skill.
  • Enemies repel 15% of damage.
  • Enemy buildings repel 15% of damage.

The number of probable modifiers spreads from the minimal three up to the maximal five. Identical modifiers may not appear, except of the bonus coins, which amount is not restricted.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Thanks for your time and welcome to Terminal Squad!

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