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TEAM KIDS PLAYING WONDER WOMEN ROBLOX QUESTS We completed more than a few quests today there is like 2 more to complete the List we Got the Locket, we went camping, Top of the World, Jump off the waterfall. we sailed the 7 seas. most of these are a fairly tough test of your Climbing and game control skills and hunting to the locket was the hardest had to find it just hidden in a corner on this huge complex.

Wonder Women is a fun eventful game that keeps drawing you in and Challenged to continue on playing until the time has just got away from you I will admit some of these were just more of a challenge than I could do on my own I went hunting on google for videos showing how some were done.

that is my tip of the day if you find your self stuck in-game there are some videos on youtube leading the way through each quest just type in wonder Women and the name of the quest and it will lead you where you need to be.

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