TEAM KIDS Ghost Simulator ROBLOX Continued Helping Ellie

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TEAM KIDS Ghost Simulator ROBLOX Continued to help Ellie Catch up and get the Hover Board, Ellie played my Game and enjoyed time playing on the Hover Board I earned the Other day in my game.

we till have a ways to go even knowing where all the Items and place are the collecting is a challenge and takes time to get things done But it is far lower dost then paying to skip all the steps to get it.

We got this gameplay in early today being Sunday there is not a whole lot going on and we were up at 5:30 am so why not ROBLOX. it has been a very quiet day at home and online things are slower then I have seen them ina while not sure if it has to do with Reopening of things or the second wave and increased number of sick not online today need a scorecard to keep track these days where all are at right now.

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