TEAM KIDS Ellie asked for help catching up in Ghost Simulator ROBLOX

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TEAM KIDS Ellie asked for help catching up in Ghost Simulator ROBLOX I Spent about 80 minutes got her about halfway through the Quest for the hoverboard not to bad this is my second time it's flying because the hard part is discovering where everything is and upgrading everything to find things.

if I have time I'll make another pass at it tomorrow for her, this is a great game but requires a little more attention span then this 4-year-old is ready for she does really good but falls way off track fast and though she knows how things work she can't read well other then memorized word here and there.

I hope to get more quests in Wonder Women completed tomorrow too if there is time have so many things going I hope we can get all the Team working on thing soon for sure we have another Fan for the gaming computer order; this time we double, triple checked to be sure it is the right one in every way and hoping with all third time is a charm and we can get it going because out next window of opportunity the way the mail is working this day October is our next window for any orders for parts.

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