TEAM KIDS Will Be Checking out Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience on ROBLOX

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TEAM KIDS Will Be Checking out Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience on ROBLOX The DC universe is coming to Roblox as part of an all-new series of ever-evolving, immersive experiences where you’ll be able to play, watch exclusive videos, and interact with your favorite brands like never before. We’re kicking things off with one of DC’s most iconic Super Heroes:

Wonder Woman! You might know Diana as a strong leader who’s both a princess and a brave warrior, but how well do you know her paradise island home of Themyscira? Jump in today to discover her mythical birthplace and all of the secrets and treasures that await!

TEAM KIDS will be there to help Celebrate The DC universe is coming to Roblox This is a Great many details Still Remain as to what Prizes could be


Journey alongside your friends as you experience the hidden island home of DC’s Wonder Woman on Roblox.


Embark on special quests to earn rewards or hone your skills in heroic challenges. Can you become an island champion?


Grab your gear and strike your best Wonder Woman pose with some of her most iconic accessories and outfits.

Wonder Woman, DC’s Champion of Truth and Warrior for Peace, has arrived on Roblox!

Join Wonder Woman where her story began on the paradise island of Themyscira, train alongside the warrior inhabitants, and lasso up an epic collection of special rewards for your avatar based on Wonder Woman’s most iconic outfits and accessories.

This is just the beginning. New quests, mechanics, and items will be coming soon. Be sure to hit the follow button to be notified of new updates and items as soon as they’re added!

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