TEAM KIDS Ghost Simulator is Where it's at, Wow It has been a long Day But we FInally got a video together here. our Day Stated at 6:30 AM with Issues updating Magic the Gathering arena see last Video For a better Idea OF the problem with that, it has to be seen to be believed.

It usually takes a

as we Got ready to Play SImulator Kadon a member of our Group got into Trouble at home and had to leave us. we are just one last Quest for Hunter Adam and we will have the Hoverboard it has been a hell of a ride for sure we need to collect ghosts from all over Blox City I can hardly wait.I'm not sure what my next goal in the game will be there are a few, in the beginning, we didn't complete but we are well over level for them at this point

I think I am going to try and start a series of Videos in the Roblox Studio TOnight we have been doing a tiny city of Pretice in Studio it's pretty neat I was going to wait till we have our game computer but I do have the faster old machine that gets the job done for now and some of the tricks I have learned are very basic but they very cool.

Keep a watch for that I think you will enjoy if you have never tried SImulator or thought it would be too difficult not the way its much like Minecraft only you custom make and size the block to the color type and Shapyou need in fact a good many player search Google and Frin mine craft building and city to Create or as inspiration on Roblox

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