TEAM KIDS Ellie 4 Decides to do her own Meep City Video

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TEAM KIDS Ellie 4 Decides to do her own Meep City Video, yes Poor Ellie Felt noting Was going how he wanted today Tossed a huge FIt said she was setting out on her own to make her own ROBLOX Video she didn't need anyone.

Well I Turned on Bandicam Showed her how to Watch for the Stops how to restart This was the Results there are some Audio Issues She requested help Hours later getting a mic to work to say Goodbye to her Viewers so I set things up and he recorded the end for her Video.

I just Edited all the parts of the MEEP CITY ROBLOX game she recorded on and off as she played little here and there over the day then when things got quiet I edited all the pieces together this is what we had. Like I said warning there is Audio Issue First no Sound then Blasting sound and in the end MIC on.

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