MTG ARENA Welcome to 2021 Core Release magic update loop

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

MTG ARENA Welcome to 2021 Core Release and update, Ok so yesterday I installed this on this computer for the first time ever on this machine we played it even had a short live stream on Facebook.

This morning We went to Start MTG Arena to play out the Quest of the day get involved in FNM at Home as always attempt a live stream you know the average day. this is what we got mind you we stopped this strange update once rebooted and tried again each time the results the same.

this now has been going on for more than an hour and a half this is only a few recorded minutes because well who the hell would Believe it other ways RIGHT. and you know wizard's of the Coast full-time excuse I'm sorry we tried and tried however Wizards of the Coast just can't reproduce your problem.

this is one of the Reasons we most likely we will no longer be streaming or promoting MTG Arena in the Future I Hope you enjoyed Today's MTG Arena Video of the Day we will be back in a Bit but were Coming as #TEAMKIDS playing and Building in the world Of Roblox.

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