Team Kids and Talking Tom Survival for a bit of Crazy ROBLOX

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

Team Kids and Talking Tom Survival for a bit of Crazy, ROBLOX we played a little bit of Survival in talking tom I can only take this one myself in very small Doses the Kids at times can really get into it.

I really hope we can get this group TEAM KIDS FOr More ROBLOX together more after this week today is the last day of school for most and so no more online classes all have there report cards and we should be free to play more as well as start to design our own stuff or start anyhow.

we Are also working on getting Parts or a Computer whichever decision now is being made after ordering parts twice and getting the wrong parts sent both times. the Old computer we just set up will almost stream but is very laggy and won't take the pressure to long it runs very hotly and the laptop's battery is so bad it no longer charges just warns continually the battery is low. its good for light use seems to play Roblox with no Trouble I have not tried Video Capture just yet

I think it would be Great to have a Few players getting Video capture of there game to get Deferent perfectives of the games we play Edit them together in various way see shat happened through the other players View or eyes..

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