TEAM KIDS Ghost Simulator Questing for the HoverBoard

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TEAM KIDS Ghost Simulator Questing for the HoverBoard adventure Continues, Today we complete the Collection Quest Necessary to unlock the Construction Site, This one was tough I actually Cheated a bit and went and found a video For Help.

Turns out the Construction site is Hidden Behind the wall with the signs about the TIres, Newspapers, and Dirty Sock on in block City its just before heading down to the junkyard, No coincidence just turn face the sign with the Tire and walk right on in it opens the Site up. I tell you this because as I did just that the computer Crashed and Mess up the video of it happening

I upgraded mt Pack and Funnel and Now it's off to the next task of Vacming up dome Workers, Pidgeions, and collecting hammers. we have like 2 more quest till we get the HoverBoad is unlocked this game is Pretty Good Im really enjoying it the younger kids Don't play this one much but as you hear in the

Last night I started a new game "World of Magic I am going to take some time to Explore it larn some of its controls and trick and then I will make videos for this to, the little I did play this seem like it could be a fun game too.

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