MTG Arena Continues FNM at home, Fandom Fare, and JadiriGamer will be there, This week June 26 – Core Set 2021 Play Whatever EventTranslation: we're not going to have a specific FNM @ Home event because this is the Friday M21 release. PLEASE NOTE: We are not doing a free draft for this event. That was a special thing for the release of Player Draft and isn't something we're going to do for every set going forward. To be eligible to receive a reward from your local game store) Play as much as you like entry is free.

here is a link to the Rules and regulation and participating Stores in your area For FNM at Home from WOTC. the Event takes Place all day Friday the 15Th of may Fandom Fare will be there and Looking for all of you

Here Is A Link to More Information

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